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San Francisco Property Rights Attorney

A Champion for Rights – Fighting for you!

California is a great state with many opportunities for growth and prosperity. For better or worse, our pursuit of these opportunities – whether as a property or business owner – is limited by both state and federal laws.

At times, however, state and local government agencies abuse their power and engage in bureaucratic bullying by enacting laws or implementing regulations that exceed the limits of their authority – all with the result of infringing our rights granted under state and federal constitutions and laws.

When government enacts or enforces laws that infringe our rights, we must fight back to preserve our democracy. Each of us has a voice and should utilize it to protect not only ourselves but future generations.

This is where I come in. I am Attorney Margaret Thum and I provide skillful representation in defending your property, business, and civil rights. With over 17 years of experience, I have the legal background to take on large government agencies. If you believe that your right to land use, zoning, water, and California public records is being challenged or denied or you are required to pay an unfair tax or fee, then please contact a San Francisco civil right attorney from my firm. I can help you by defending your rights.

I also represent clients on general corporate transactional matters.

My Approach to Handling Legal Matters

Fighting government isn't easy. A government agency will generally resist change with intense ferocity in order to maintain its entrenched position, especially if change requires the agency stop enforcing laws or regulations that it may have been implementing for years.

To counter this ferocity, I combine intelligence, aggressiveness, determination, dedication and tenacity on behalf of my clients. I understand that government agencies generally will not politely decide to make a change because of my client's request.

I also understand that the agency has the initial leg up on the background of my client's case, including the history of the disputed law or regulation. Given this, I attempt to place my client on equal footing by gaining knowledge held by the agency through research and information inquiries, which may include California Public Records requests.

Once I gain the background of why an agency has acted in a certain way, I then research the law to find the possible legal theories to challenge the agency and prepare a strategy for launching a legal challenge. Throughout this process, I communicate with my clients so they are ultimately making the decision of how to proceed.

What are your costs?

You might be wondering how much this all costs. The cost of legal representation varies based on a particular case. California has some laws that enable a party to recover reasonable attorney fees in the event of a successful court challenge against a government agency. For example, under the private attorney general statute (Code of Civil Procedure section 1021.5) if a party's successful challenge against a government agency results in a significant benefit to the general public, then the losing government agency may be required to pay for all or part of the attorney fees incurred by the winning party. Another example is if a party is forced to sue a government agency to obtain public records and is successful in court, then the losing government agency may also have to pay for attorney fees (Government Code section 6259(d)).

How a San Francisco property rights lawyer can help!

If you have been on the receiving end of bureaucratic bullying or a California government agency has made a decision against you that you believe is unfair, it is important to act quickly. Most agencies have an appeals process that requires you first file a written appeal with the agency before you are able to challenge the agency in court. The period to appeal an agency's decision is determined by the agency and may be very short -- sometimes as short as 15 or 30 days. If government has acted abusively in your case, please contact me today.

As a San Francisco property rights attorney, I am a champion for rights and I will stop at nothing to help you reach a favorable outcome for your case. I offer a free initial consultation so that we may discuss your case and concerns before you make any financial commitment. Schedule a consultation today by calling (415) 787-2968 or visit my office.

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My firm proudly serves property and business owners across the San Francisco and Monterey Bay areas.

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